Giant Animals on Television: Great White Shark Attacks

People love watching animal documentaries, mostly because wildlife is so different than human life. Seeing exotic and giant animals tend to get the most interest due to their dominance in the animal kingdom.

BBC Earth is great at showing giant animals in their natural habitat and recently aired a short youtube clip showing the great white shark feeding on its prey. In the clip, Steve Backshall is on the look out for one of the oceans most giant animals, the great white shark, in order to measure just how much of a super giant this enormous predator truly is.

Will NY Comic-Con 2016 Be Stan Lee’s Last Appearance?

Mr. Stan Lee might just be the biggest superhero in the world of comics. He’s the creator and writer of arguably the most famous comic book superheroes in history, such as Spiderman and Iron Man. It’s a sad and regrettable announcement that he will be making this year’s New York Comic Con his last ever. And at the age of 93, it’s not a surprise in the least.

Lee is typically a high-spirited, smiley, and youthful spirit full of humor and respect for others, but his age has brought on some health problems that are sure not to be his last. In 2012 he got a pacemaker placed in his chest, and his busy schedule would be tiring on anyone let alone an old man such as himself. What’s more is that, in an interview with the Radio Times iin early 2016, Mr. Lee revealed that he’s quickly becoming a victim of both sight and hearing loss.

Fans are likely to swirl around the NY Comic Con this year in his honor, making it one of the most anticipated events in Comic Con history.

Actress Amber Heard Files For Divorce From Husband Johnny Depp

One of the hottest couples in Hollywood is about to be no more.

On Monday, actress Amber Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp citing “irreconcilable differences” after only 15 months of marriage.

Depp, who left his girlfriend of 14 years and mother of his children for Heard, had made a string of poorly received movies recently and went out of his way to come to Heard’s aid when she got into a bit of trouble trying to smuggle her dog into Australia, for which she was convicted of the crime and released a cringe-worthy video apology with Depp.

Heard has reportedly asked for alimony from Depp, to which he has resounded a big fat “No”. While Depp is a multimillionaire, the young actress has only been in a few movies and clearly hopes to leave the marriage with some of Depp’s fortune to start a new life. There’s no word, yet, about whether they have an active prenuptial agreement.