When asked “When did you know that you’ve made it?” by Alexa, Lady Gaga responds, “I still don’t know I’ve made it. Ya know for me it’s not about a goal or making it or anything like that, it’s about feeling like I can sustain a real career with a real true fan base that stands by me and I stand by them. I really can’t stress my fans enough because that’s where my renewed spirit has come from with this new album. When something does really well and things are going well in your life you think ‘oh god, something bad’s gonna happen’ right? But I sort of woke up one day and I had topped The Fame and it’s because of you [the fans].”

With the re-release of The Fame as The Fame Monster is included eight new tracks and a delux-edition with the Book of Gaga. She says she wanted to have a few different versions of the release so that years from now people could go to the record store on the corner and look for the collector’s item they missed. She’s also a big fan of David Bowie and says, “I used to sit in my apartment for hours and do his make-up on myself over and over again.” She also says of her new release that she doesn’t “consider it to be a re-release, I really consider it to be a body of work on its own; it’s a complete finished entity.”

When asked what the best piece of advice she’s ever been given, she replied, “You only have one set of parents.”