beyonce’s single ladies dance meets pedophilia

call it what you will, and parents of these youngsters say anything to discount the inappropriate nature of this performance, but it’s our guess that anyone who watches this would feel at the very least slightly uncomfortable at the sexually suggestive dance routine performed by 8 and 9 year old girls at a recent The World of Dance competition. and if it isn’t the routine, what about the outfits? is it me or wasn’t it just a few years ago that abercrombie and fitch were selling preteen-sized girls underwear that were sexually suggestive?

(it might be important to note here that while the most notable outcry against A&F came from direly conservative One Million Moms who also take issue with Girl Scouts of America supportive gay rights and refuse to support a federal hate crimes bill, but c’mon…. children’s thongs? do kids need to look and feel sexy?)

well that is the question we are left with today when watching this video. and yes, we are sharing something controversial, so maybe we are adding to the drama. but we feel it’s important enough to view in order to fully comprehend why people have a problem with this.

the sad part about it is that these girls are incredibly talented and deserve a gold medal. it’s just too bad they’re turning into sluts before they even learn how to play kick the wouldn’t be fair of us not to give the parents a chance to speak, so here is Inside Edition’s interview with them: