Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattison Are ‘Growing Up’

“It’s connecting more to what their lives are now than when they were high school kids, cuz they’re not high school kids anymore”, says Bill Condon regarding the maturity of the two star actors of new Twilight movie Breaking Dawn Part 1. “For example, Robert played more of himself in this movie than in all the others because Edward is sort of happy now,” referring to the correlation between Pattison’s character and his real life. Does he mean Pattinson’s relationship to Kristin Stewart? Hmmm…

This particular movie has garnered quite a bit of attention at San Diego’s Comic-Con 2011, currently being held at the San Diego Convention Center. While director Bill Condon mentions that he’s felt a slight bit of weight on his shoulders while filming these movies, he says you can only do it the way you think is “the most beautiful and powerful,” which is not just a nod to himself but to everyone who worked on the film. It’s clear Condon is extremely appreciative of his cast.