Lady Gaga Strips, Flips the Bird at NY Mets Game Photographers

lady gaga mets game flip bird
The rumor is she was upset she had to sit so close to photographers.. which is ironic since she WORKS FOR POLAROID… So, instead of holding back the urge to yell profanities, say fuck you to the world with both hands, strip down to her skimpies and crash Jerry Seinfeld’s box seats, the diva decided to be herself.

Clearly, we’ve never seen Gaga like this. I mean, screw the BP oil spill and never-ending war in the Middle East, this is more than newsworthy. It’s not like we knew she would eventually crack from all the attention of being a celebrity. That never happens!

Maybe this is as good a time as any to note that TMZ clearly tries a little too hard to find a new story where there is already something right up their alley. They posted the following pic, insinuating Gaga french kissed a woman (at least that is what I was brought up to believe “first base” as) just because she was affectionate with a friend:

lady gaga mets game flip bird

The more entertaining story is the one that shows what really happened, especially since Lady Gaga is hot and sexy in nothing but a gold-beaded swimsuit. We hesitated to post the photos, since obviously this is exactly what she was worried about. But, we’re sorry, she simply cannot have her cake and eat it too. She may be an American, but unfortunately for her a land of opportunity has bred a land of opportunists. And frankly, if you act like a freak in all your performances, then demand special treatment at a baseball game, then you will get treated as such. Didn’t your mama ever teach you not to egg your antagonists on?
lady gaga mets game flip bird

Well, one thing is for sure. Gaga most likely will have learned a lesson here: next time act stoic or wear a mustache. Although.. we just might be expecting that..