What do you get when you put a bunch of sick, rebellious kids together in a hospital? Some call it “The Breakfast Club meets House M.D.”, and at a base level the show does pull off the greatness of both. However, the new off-beat drama premiered on Fox last night to a mere 4 million viewers who usually tune in to see shows like Glee or Bones, both of which premiered, and held, *twice* the amount of viewership for years. Despite the well-developed characters and outstanding acting from everyone on the show, the writing for the first episode may have been a tad bit tedious for some. After all, with a premise involving the voice-over narration of a boy in a coma, it’s already pushing the audience to the edge of their disbelief while setting the scene in the center of socially accepted science, a hospital. What’s worse may be the fact that 100% of the cast consists of teenagers, dwindling the audience even further. Premiering the show at the beginning of the school season was smart, but probably not smart enough.

If it weren’t for ratings under 60% on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, I’d say this show had a chance, but it’s really no surprise that the two biggest online critic houses would have a problem with the show: between the archetypal baggage and predictability of the story line on the first episode, it’s almost like someone in the writing room said, “just let the story write itself!”. We’ll probably need to see some seriously clever plot twists in order to get a full season out of this show.