As if Rick Ross’s reputation weren’t already tainted with The Smoking Gun revealing his past as a corrections officer and stealing Freeway Rick Ross’s name, being arrested for marijuana earlier this month was only the first actual legal problem the fraud has run into. Now, he was apparently taken in by a special fugitive task force of the U.S. Marshals Service and charged with kidnapping, assault, and aggravated battery.

Ross had reportedly pistol-whipped his groundskeeper doing repairs on his house a few weeks ago. It’s still unclear about exactly what the argument was actually about, though the report suggests that Ross allegedly forced the groundskeeper into his house at gunpoint, pistol-whipping him multiple times causing injuries to his neck, jaw and teeth. While a bodyguard of Ross had also been arrested at the house early morning, the two remain in police custody while the situation is sorted out with Ross being denied bail.

While it’s obvious that Ross’ antics were easily foreshadowed by his lyrics and wannabe gangster persona, could it be that he staged these arrests to boost his record sales?

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