The reactionary church hasn’t done quite worse than protest a funeral, but that doesn’t mean there is any level of decency in it, even if the funeral is for a guitarist from a metal band known for its shock value satanism. Slayer, whose band logo is a version of the satanic pentagram with swords and skulls, has always made it a point to incite a reaction from religions and soccer moms, so it’s no wonder that the death of Jeff Hanneman would be heralded as a victory for fundamentalists Christians such as those found at the Westboro Baptist Church.

On Thursday last week, they tweeted:

While Slayer’s religious beliefs may differ vastly from the WBC, they share the same political belief in the freedom of speech. Unfortunately, the WBC is know to take it a step further by bringing their free speech to inappropriate gatherings. The sad, but humorous part about the whole thing? Unbeknownst to the WBC, and if Jeff Hanneman embraced the candid and satirical nature of the punk philosophy that fueled the music he played, would probably laugh and welcome the protest.