The annual Met Gala is coming! This is not only a simple charity event, but also a battle field of the dresses on the female celebrities as well. But, it seems that there is a little different this year which most of female celebrities are choosing to bring a date with them to show off on the red carpet this time. Some of them are already a married couple. Some of them are in a serious relationship. No matter what kind relationship that they have, those female celebrities are not just challenging each other’s dresses, but also competing with who they bring with this year.

▼ Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger

▼ Sean Penn & Charlize Theron

Yes, yes, yes. They are in a relationship right now.

▼ David & Victoria Beckham

▼ Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

▼ Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield

These cute couple have been spreading their love from the movies to the reality. So adorable!

▼ Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

▼ Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady

This is the 5th time that Gisele and her husband Tom showed up together to the Met Gala.

▼ Johnny Depp & Fiancee Amber Heard

▼ Darren Le Gallo & Amy Adams

▼ Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy

▼ Jay Z & Beyoncé Knowles

I have to say that these couple had won “the most eye-catching contest” in Met Gala this year. Let me tell you why. Jay Z and Beyoncé are not just hand in hand or grabbing each other’s waist, but giving the press a “proposing show”. What? Haven’t they got married already? In fact is that Beyoncé accidentally dropped her ring on the red carpet, and Jay Z noticed that and put it back on her hand in a humorous way. As you can see that from world tours to the newest album “Yoncé”, Beyoncé and Jay Z have been showing off their love all over the place just for you don’t realize how much they are so into each other. So romantic and cute!