Mr. Stan Lee might just be the biggest superhero in the world of comics. He’s the creator and writer of arguably the most famous comic book superheroes in history, such as Spiderman and Iron Man. It’s a sad and regrettable announcement that he will be making this year’s New York Comic Con his last ever. And at the age of 93, it’s not a surprise in the least.

Lee is typically a high-spirited, smiley, and youthful spirit full of humor and respect for others, but his age has brought on some health problems that are sure not to be his last. In 2012 he got a pacemaker placed in his chest, and his busy schedule would be tiring on anyone let alone an old man such as himself. What’s more is that, in an interview with the Radio Times iin early 2016, Mr. Lee revealed that he’s quickly becoming a victim of both sight and hearing loss.

Fans are likely to swirl around the NY Comic Con this year in his honor, making it one of the most anticipated events in Comic Con history.