Joaquin Phoenix, Casey Affleck’s Documentary

I’m going to pick a side and say that I fully believe Joaquin is pulling a Hoax, possibly Andy Kaufman style, but most likely more of a publicity stunt (where Andy Kaufman did his pranks for the pure hilarity, not to promote anything). He wants everybody to react to this character he’s made to keep them strung along for this “documentary” Casey Affleck is making.

These are the clues I’m going on:

  • The initial 180-degree switch in personality is a big dinger
  • if you watch other interviews with him from the past, he’s VERY polite and outspoken
  • it appeared like he was holding back laughter quite a bit on the Letterman interview
  • he broke out of character on commercial breaks on the Letterman interview
  • he only did ONE song at that rap concert he gave (at least, that’s all that got released.. sorta suspect, eh?)

also, i dont see much info on the documentary. All I can find is “it’s a documentary about Joaquin’s transition to hip hop”.

Neither Casey Affleck nor Joquin Phoneix seem like idiots.  Their resumes are both ripe with intelligent productions and performances.  So the question remains (in my mind at least), why would they do something so ridiculous and thoughtless? I mean, have you heard Joaquin’s rap song from that youtube video? It’s just your average party rap song, nothing super-creative or anything.  And after doing the soundtrack to Walk The Line it’s really hard envision a future with such a painfully creatively-lacking pursuit.

Another thing to remember:  Joaquin has lots and lots of money. he has a publicist, an agent, etc.  Wherever he goes, these days, there is a camera following him in the name of the “documentary”. If he really wanted to, he could probably whitewash all the bad media about him.

So what about his personality change?  Why isn’t anyone close to him expressing concern?  Someone who’s really outgoing and charismatic suddenly looking all dishevelled, mumbling and acting socially awkward all the time… wouldn’t his peers be trying to look out for him and what not? Why was the transition to this new personality over-night?

It all smells fishy to me!