Bill Hicks Documentary

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell
Bill Hicks is most likely the most outspoken, cynical, angry comic to come out of American pop culture.  He was also one of the most intelligent, despite his dick jokes.  And after he died so young from cancer, his brother and loyal fans continued to push his recordings as far as they could and a cult was born. The following video is a trailer for a biographical documentary on Bill Hicks, and it looks fantastic. Hope to get a chance to see it in NYC as soon as it comes out!

I found out about this Bill Hicks documentary from the following link:

Rocky Horror Picture Show Quotes

“Dammit, Janet, I love you.” Brad, Rocky Horror Picture Show Quotes

I don’t like men with too many muscles.” – Janet, Rocky Horror Picture Show Quotes

Do you think I made a mistake splitting his brain between the two of them?” – Dr. Frank N Furter, Rocky Horror Picture Show Quotes

I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.” – The Criminologist, Rocky Horror Picture Show Quotes

Say good-bye to all of this. And say hello… to oblivion.” – Riff Raff, Rocky Horror Picture Show Quotes

“Ask for nothing and you shall recieve it in abundance” – Rocky Horror Picture Show Quotes

“A mental mind fuck can be nice.” – Dr. Frank N Furter, Rocky Horror Picture Show Quotes

“Well really… That’s no way to behave on your first day out. But um, since you’re such exceptional beauty, I’m prepared to forgive you.” – Dr. Frank N Furter, Rocky Horror Picture Show Quotes

“I’m lucky, hes lucky, were all lucky!” – Magenta, Rocky Horror Picture Show Quotes

“I’m just a sweet transvestite, from Transsexual Transylvania.” – Dr. Frank N Furter, Rocky Horror Picture Show Quotes

“Whatever happened to Saturday night?” –Eddie, Rocky Horror Picture Show Quotes

Harold and Maude Quotes

I think it’s safe to say that any body and everybody who’s seen this movie falls in love with the characters, especially Maude. These are some of the best Harold and Maude Quotes we could find.  Enjoy!

“Dont get officious. Youre not yourself when youre officious. That is the curse of a government job.” – Maude

“I’m fine, except for some incredibly painful spasms which let me know that there IS a God, and He’s a sexist pig!” – Maude

“Vice, Virtue. It’s best not to be too moral. You cheat yourself out of too much life. Aim above morality. If you apply that to life, then you’re bound to live life fully.” – Maude
You know, at one time, I used to break into pet shops to liberate the canaries. But I decided that was an idea way before its time. Zoos are full, prisons are overflowing… oh my, how the world still dearly loves a cage.” – Maude

Harold: “You sure have a way with people.”

Maude: “ Well, they’re my species!”

“I’ll never understand this mania for black. Nobody sends black flowers, do they? Black flowers are dead flowers. Who sends dead flowers to a funeral? It’s absurd.” – Maude

“I haven’t lived. I’ve died a few times.” – Harold

“The police…..always wanting to play games.” – Maude

Maude: “The earth is my body, my head is in the stars…Who said that?”

Harold: “I don’t know.”

Maude: “Well, I suppose I did.”

“Harold, everyone has the right to make an ass out of themselves. You just can’t let the world judge you too much.” – Maude

American Idol Recap: Top 12 Tackle The Stones

Tuesday night, the Top 12 got to show what they were made of and why America chose to keep them, which was good, because many of them had a lot of ‘splainin’ to do. They all looked the part; the stylists at American Idol worked overtime on this group getting all of them looking Idol-ready to the max, but could they sound the part?

The theme for the evening? The Rolling Stones. A catalog with a plethora of incredible songs to choose from.  Whether they would choose the right ones for the Idol stage was the ultimate question, since this has seemed to be a challenge in the past.

Michael Lynche sang ‘Miss You.’ I thought it was kinda safe, karaoke and even a little indulgent. However, three out of four of the judges disagreed. Randy said it reminded him of how great a performer he has become and it was a great way to start the show. Ellen said it was “the way to start the night, amazing.” And Kara said he delivered the style, swagger and attitude, and it was hot. But Simon, dear Simon, he agreed with me. He said he definitely had his confidence up, but that the performance, particularly the dancing, was kind of corny. Verging, at times, on a tiny bit desperate. I think he will be safe for another week, but he doesn’t have the staying power to the end.

Didi Benami‘s performance of Play With Fire’ was different for her. It was sultry, dark, and well sang, but a little repetitive with a tiny slip-up in the middle that threw her off but she came right back. Randy said she was on fire, that it was one of her best performances. Ellen said she has an amazing voice, and that she was proud that she got back into the song after her slip-up. Kara thinks sometimes she pushes and loses her way sometimes, but liked the darkness of the song and sweetness of her voice. And Simon agreed with everyone, and what he likes about her is that she is showing what kind of artist she wants to be. He thought it was a solid, not brilliant performance, and that she can do better. I agree. I liked it, but I think she needs to really knock some out of the park if she wants to become a front runner.

Casey James rocked ‘It’s All Over Now’ and played an unusual one-handed guitar. It was good, but nothing spectacular. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, he  is a competent rocker. I can hear him on the radio, I could see him performing, but nothing about his performances make me jump outta my seat. Randy said he loved it and said he was “back.” Ellen thought it was fantastic, and Kara said last week he was trying to be a rock star, this week he was a rock star. She even said it was his best performance since they met (really?). Now Simon, he didn’t agree. He said he looked great, sang it well, and played guitar well, but it was like an audition performance, and he didn’t use the stage to be a “star.” Simon and I seem to be on the same page lately. Is he getting more reasonable or am I becoming a cranky curmudgeon?

Lacey Brown sang ‘Ruby Tuesday’  and all I can say is YAWN. Although this girl has the look and the voice, she gets onstage and it just doesn’t come together. Randy said he was not jumping up and down, but that it was interesting. Ellen thought it was a bit sleepy, but that she was still a fan. Kara was 50/50, she liked the drama but thinks she can do better. Simon thought the song was OK, but wants her to stop overthinking it and let go a little. Maybe that’s what she needs, to let go. Or perhaps she just needs to go home. I’m on the fence on this one.

Andrew Garcia did a rendition of ‘Gimme Shelter’ that was weird for him and totally veered away from everything I loved about him before. So sad. Ellen was the only one that liked it, saying “What do I know? I thought it was your best performance yet!” Yes, Ellen, what DO you know? And why are you on American Idol again? I sure do love Ellen Degeneres like a fat kid loves cake, but does anyone else think she just doesn’t make sense on AI? No? Am I alone here?

Oh Katie Stevens. Rolling Stones week left you no choice but to be old, huh? So you sang ‘Wild Horses,’ one of the slowest, sappiest, least youthful songs from their catalogs to prove your point? This poor young girl is just clueless. She looked beautiful, and the song was fairly well sung, but she just doesn’t know who she is, which leaves me confused and unsatisfied after her performances. Rand, however,  thought it was a very strong performance. Ellen thought it started a little pitchy, but once she got into it, it sounded amazing and it was a good choice of song. Kara said she was never technically perfect, but was going in the right direction and better than last week. Simon thought it was the only week that she has actually chosen a really good song. He didn’t like the second half of the arrangement because she lost the emotion, but she gave it 100% and it was well done. I think the judges were going easy on her because they have crucified her in past weeks, but maybe I am wrong, maybe it really was that good. But I don’t think so.

Tim Urban’s strange reggae version of ‘Under my Thumb’  was totally mediocre and boring. Big surprise. Also, don’t they have nail clippers at the American Idol house? Cause dude, his nails are CRAZY long. It’s just gross. Randy agreed with me and said he didn’t get it, it was weird, and he didn’t like it. Ellen felt like she was at a resort drinking a Pina Colada, that there was nothing wrong with it, but it didn’t “wow” her. Kara understood what the other judges said, but applauded him for doing something completely different with the song and liked that he made it his own. In other words, she had nothing good to say about his singing, so she reached for whatever she could find. Why bother at this point? Simon didn’t bother, he was keepin’ it real. He said it didn’t work and thought Rolling Stones fans would be turning their televisions off. He thought it was a crazy decision to do what he did to that song. Amen Simon. Amen. Sometimes you just gotta tell it like it is. Maybe the girls who are voting for Tim simply because of his cute mug will see his disgustingly long fingernails and vote for Casey instead this week? One can only hope.

In classic Siobhan Magnus style, she sang ‘Paint it Black’  and it was a totally dramatic, impressive performance. Awesome dress, awesome voice, awesome Siobhan. Randy said she brought the drama to American Idol Season 9, and that it was hot. Ellen said she loved the way she looked and the way she sounded, and that she rose above, like Snookie’s poof. Kara was having flashbacks of Adam Lambert, and said it was the best interpretation of the night, and Simon wholeheartedly agreed, saying it was the standout performance so far. Siobhan is definitely remaining a solid front-runner.

Lee Dewyze sang a cool, smooth rendition of ‘Beast of Burden,’ one of my favorite songs.  I love this guy’s voice, but wish he would let go a little. He looks like he has a stick up his ass, for real. No doubt he can sing though, and he’s cleaning up pretty well too. I kinda thought he started the season looking like a pothead/loser/slacker-type, but he’s turning into decent rocker material. Randy thought it was dope, and one of his better performances. Ellen thought it was great, sounded great, but it was a little less than she expected. Kara said he is growing faster than anybody else in the competition. Simon said he really likes him as a person, but thinks he doesn’t shine, although he has an incredibly good voice. He said he hopes he comes back next week and wants him to have a “moment” and stamp his mark on the competition. I agree. Take the stick out of your ass, Lee, and let’s see how that works for you, shall we?

Paige Miles performed ‘Honkey Talk Woman.’  What can I say? I am just not a fan. I haven’t loved her all season and she really lost me last week with her pathetic version of ‘Smile.’ Randy said she did alright with it, that he wished she had more energy, but he liked it. Ellen said she thought she sounded amazing and liked how she used the stage. Kara said the young Paige they love is back, and Simon thought the song was generic and she hasn’t quite connected, but at moments they heard the big voice they loved in Hollywood. There is no doubt that Paige Miles has a good voice, but there is just something about her that leaves me unaffected. Come on Paige, AFFECT ME!

Aaron Kelly showed his softer side with ‘Angie,’ and although he was a bit loosey-goosey lumbering around on the stage, it was certainly a very impressive vocal performance. Even more impressive? His aunt’s name. Kelly Kelly. For real y’all. I imagine she met her future husband, whose last name was the same as her first and was all “FUUUUUUCK.” But that is true love right there, cause she married him anyway. Again, I digress. Randy said he was “born to sing” and thought it was hot. Ellen thought it was a great song choice, and it was another stand out performance, right next to Siobhan (good place to be Aaron). Kara said he showed her this week and that it was very powerful, and Simon said he chose the right song and that it was one of his strongest performances so far.

Crystal Bowersox did a cool, collected performance of ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want.’ Although it didn’t blow the lid off the Kodak Theater, to me it was awesome, as usual. She’s just a pro. I would buy tickets to see her perform TODAY. Randy said he loves her, even though it wasn’t his favorite performance. Ellen said she sings with such ease, she is born to be onstage, and loved that she added more personality tonight. Kara agreed with Ellen and said she was so “easy to watch.” But Simon said he thought this is the first time she was beaten by someone, and that was Siobhan. OK Simon, yes, Siobhan was off the hook last night, but Crystal has staying power. And, she is so incredibly poised onstage and while taking the judge’s critiques, you just feel like she is already miles beyond this competition.

Dare I say it again? I dare. BOW-ER-SOX!

My predictions this week:

Girls going home: Lacey Brown and Katie Stevens

Boys going home: Tim Urban (GOD I HOPE) and Andrew Garcia

Tune in for the results. And pray that America doesn’t fuck up again this week. Seriously.

Remember Me Review

Judging by the attendance in the movie theater on Friday night, the 14-30-something ‘Twilight’ fans are getting their R-Patz fix from ‘Remember Me’, considering that approximately 95% of the audience was female between the ages of 14 and 40 and the remaining 5% (including my husband) were their male counterparts, dragged along for “date night”, otherwise known as “sit next to me while I swoon over Robert Pattinson, since ‘Eclipse’ doesn’t come out until June 30th. Further proof is the fact that the audience whooped and cat-called (yes, I said cat-called) when the preview for ‘Eclipse’ came on before the movie began, and there were whispers and catty comments about Kristin Stewart’s hair throughout the clips for her new film, ‘The Runaways’, in which she portrays a black, mullet-haired Joan Jett.

But if they were looking for Edward, they were to be only partially satisfied in their lust for the teenage vampire. Although many of Pattinson’s mannerisms as brooding, bad-boy character, Tyler, in ‘Remember Me’ were reminiscent of Edward Cullen, he definitely showed another side of himself (aside from not sparkling in the sunlight).

The movie itself was entertaining, smart and even fairly funny at parts despite its tragic plots surrounding sadness and loss, with mildly impressive showings from big names Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper. Newcomer Emilie De Ravin did an adequate job of portraying the motherless girl, raised by her father and afraid of relationships and finally finding love, but the spark between Pattinson and De Ravin was majorly lacking. Well, aside from the sex scene, which was pretty steamy, and threw those lustful ‘Twilight’ fans a bone, showing Rob P. naked in the throes of passion. Hot. Very, very hot.

But what really made the movie was the ending. It was an ending that grabbed you from behind, gutted you utterly and completely, and made you wonder how in the world you didn’t see it coming. Some are saying it hits too hard. You can be the judge, but one thing is for sure, Remember Me will be remembered. Not for outstanding acting, nor for witty dialogue. But for an ending that sticks with you, as a great twist or an appalling denouement.  Either way, it has left an impression, which to me, means the movie did at least part of its job.

I give it 3 3/4 stars.

American Idol Recap: The Surprising and Sad Final 12

OK America. I realize part of the American Idol drama is the fact that good people are going to be voted off  early and sucktastic people are going to be allowed to stay. But this is getting a little ridiculous.

Katie Stevens and Paige Miles are allowed to sing another day, but Lilly Scott and Katelyn Epperly are finito? I do appreciate the presence of mind to keep Andrew Garcia over Todrick Hall, but Adam Lambert goes and Tim Urban is STILL going to torture us with sub-par performances for yet another week? What’s next? I swear, if Crystal Bowersox goes home next week, I am never watching American Idol ever again.

Or, I will at least boycott for a solid two weeks.

It sure does make you wonder about all those conspiracy theorists who say the votes are rigged, because in a season that had audiences complaining that this group lacked pizazz, there certainly was an increase in drama last night. Between Adam crying his little mullet off and Lilly Scott basically telling off America after being voted off by saying “I don’t know what America wants to hear,” it was hands down the most exciting results show of 2010.

But I’m still pissed.

American Idol Recap: Top 16

Girls, girls, girls! Motley Crue said it the best back in ’87, and I will re-iterate. This year’s American Idol is all about the girls. And they proved it on Tuesday night when the top performers gave us solid performances and some of the ones we were ready to give plane tickets home stepped up to the plate and made us think twice.

Unfortunately, I think Katie Stevens bought her own ticket home with her performance of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Breakaway’. It was flat, totally off-key and boring.  Randy called it karaoke and said it “wasn’t great.” Ellen said she didn’t see any personality.  Kara said she doesn’t know herself yet, although she does have a great voice for the radio. And Simon gave her 10 out of 10 for trying, but agreed with Kara that she didn’t know who she was as an artist yet.

Siobhan Magnus. The girl can wail. There is no doubt about that. She took ‘The House of the Rising Sun’ and killed it. And all the judges agreed except for Simon, who thought it was “weird.” He thought she didn’t do anything different with the song and that there were no “moments” in the song. I disagree. I thought the song was super-powerful and the whole thing was one big frakkin’ moment, in which she sang the shit out of the Animals power ballad. Sometimes, we just have to accept the fact that Simon makes no sense.

Lacey Brown sang some boring song that I have never heard (‘The Story’, I guess?), and although it was sweet and pretty, it didn’t impress me at all. Randy agreed that it was boring but said it was her best performance in a while. Ellen agreed that it was her best performance to date and Kara said it was performances like that that got her there. Simon didn’t love the song but said she sang it very well. I wasn’t quite as smitten as the judges, but hey, what do I know?

Katelyn Epperly played the keyboard and sang Carol King’s ‘I Feel The Earth Move’ and it was so “cruise ship” as Simon would say, that I almost expected a waiter to come by and ask me if I wanted a drink. Randy said it was “put on” and I couldn’t agree more. Ellen thought it “just wasn’t enough” and Kara didn’t feel like she was competing.  Simon, although he liked her hair, thought that her choice may have been a mistake because it seemed like others were trying harder than her.  I, on the other hand, did not like her hair either so she was 0 for 2. Sorry Katelyn.

Didi Benami picked up her guitar for the first time since Hollywood and sang ‘Rhiannon’ and I thought it was pretty effin’ awesome. Totally unique and it reminded me why I liked her in the first place. The judges agreed, and in one fell swoop, I think Didi is off the bench and back in the game. That was awfully close, Didi. You might want to stop sucking so bad from now on, mmkay?

Paige Miles sang ‘Smile’ and it just didn’t work. Which is exactly what Randy said. And Ellen said that instead of the song being uplifting, it was dark and sad. Kara thought it was all wrong, and Simon agreed with everyone. Hands down, this song choice was a very bad decision and Paige Miles might be in trouble this week.

Of course, Crystal Bowersox rocked our socks with Tracy Chapman’s ‘Give Me One Reason to Steal’. All the judges were in agreement that she was amazing, Ellen said she was the best of the night, Kara said she loved hearing that song because it was something she could imagine her recording, and Simon said she was 150% going to be in the Top 12. BOW-ER-SOX!

Lilly Scott, surprisingly, sang ‘I Fall to Pieces.’  It was unusual, and I didn’t love it like I have loved her performances in past weeks, but it was still entertaining. The judges liked it, but Simon echoed my sentiments when he said that it didn’t have that “wow” factor. I am a big Lily Scott fan, and I think she brings something really cool to the AI table, but she needs to step it up a bit next week to prove that she deserves to be there.

Wednesday night, the guys had to follow the girls’ impressive showing. After Ryan’s awkward rundown of the final 8 male contestants, they took the stage, starting with early favorite, Lee Dewyze.

He kicked things off by singing a way better version of ‘Fireflies’ than Owl City’s original. Randy loved that he “made it his own” and that, despite some pitch problems, he worked it out. Ellen thought it was great, Kara thought he looked confident and agreed with me that he made it better (I really should be a judge, honestly). Simon said it was “nothing to rave about” but that he was glad that he was there.

Alex “Mullet” Lambert sang ‘Trouble’ with his guitar, and as usual, his voice was prettier than Kara’s gold lamee top, but I just wish he would change his facial expression. Randy didn’t think it had the “wow” factor, but Ellen thought he was becoming a mushy banana and better each week. My homegirl Kara said he needed to let go because he was too stiff, and that was the only thing holding him back. Simon agreed, so we are now on speaking terms again, thank God.

Tim Urban had some pretty big shoes to fill singing ‘Hallelujah’, and it’s one of my all-time favorite songs. I thought it was just OK. The judges, however, creamed their shorts over it and Ellen even ran onstage and gave him a hug. So, basically, he will be around next week because the combination of non-suckage and his adorable mug is enough to get at least a billion votes (that’s how many you need to stay right?)

Andrew Garcia’s rendition of ‘Genie in a Bottle’ had me bee-bopping on the couch, and the surprising rendition had me smiling me from ear to ear. Randy didn’t like it, and to that I say BOOOOOO. Ellen liked it, but Kara and Simon both think he peaked too early and is grasping for straws now.  I disagree. Diehard A-Gar fan right here. And he rocked the cardigan better than Randy ever has. So there.

Casey James totally bored me with “Take my Cat and Take my Sweater” or whatever that song is. Randy was with me, but Ellen liked it. Kara said it was missing that “spark” but she was almost back on the Casey train (WOO WOO!) While Simon said it was not as good as Week 1, but better than last week.  I think Casey is getting lazy and needs to stop relying on the fact that he is good looking competent musician and start actually working hard to show us that he is more than that.

Young Aaron Kelly sang Lone Star’s ‘I’m Already There’. Tell me again why a 16 year old should be singing about a father calling his son from the road? Major fail. I think it was the wrong song, and too big for him to boot. And Kara made the same point, although Simon disagreed. I think he was just trying to be contrary. Simon? Contrary?  Nooooo…

Todrick Hall took another one of my favorite songs, ‘Somebody to Love’, and tried to salvage his spot on the show, and although it wasn’t BAD, it also didn’t do anything to excite me. However, Randy loved it and said “Todrick was back!” Ellen said he was brave and commended him, while Kara said that the singing was great, but it was a little overdramatic. Simon summed it up well by pointing out that he seems to have shown them what he truly is, and that is a Broadway performer. I might have to agree with that. This isn’t Broadway Idol Todrick. GO HOME.

Big Mike Lynche wrapped up the show with ‘This Woman’s Work’. To be honest, his performance confused me a bit, it seemed a little all over the place, albeit well sang. But, I must have missed something, because Randy was floored, Ellen loved it and said he was the one to beat, Kara CRIED for the first time ever, and Simon said he 100% nailed it with the best performance of all the live shows so far.

I literally rewound it and watched it again.

I still didn’t get it.

Oh well, the illusive American Idol judges strike again. My predictions this week are that Katie Stevens and Paige Miles are saying adios for Team Senorita and Todrick Hall and Andrew Garcia (unfortunately) are leaving the Blue Team. Not who I would send home but I never said America had good taste.

Tune in tomorrow for the results show recap.

Actor Corey Haim Dies at 38

Unfortunately, the death toll in Hollywood (especially for young, 80’s teen celebrities) seems to be rising, as we learned this morning that beloved Teen Beat Hall-of-Famer Corey Haim, 38, died of an apparent accidental prescription drug overdose in his Burbank home, where he was taking care of his cancer-stricken mother.

First Boner, now Lucas? What is this world coming to?

Haim struggled with drug addiction since his first experience on a movie set in 1987, when he starred in ‘The Lost Boys’ with Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric. His rise to teen heart throb status alongside the “other Corey” Corey Feldman brought us some tubular movies as ‘The Goonies’, ‘Dream A Little Dream’ and ‘License to Drive’ (some of my personal favorites). But all that fame had a price and he found himself yet another washed up celebrity battling addiction well into his 30’s.

Although the first reports early this morning stated that Haim’s death was drug-related, the official reports are now saying there were no illegal drugs in the home and that Haim was suffering from those mysterious “flu-like” symptoms and taking multiple prescription drugs similar to another celebrity death recently (Brittany Murphy). Interesting, and more than a little disturbing and sad.

So we bid a final farewell to another piece of our childhood in the passing of Corey Haim. Godspeed Lucas. And dream a little dream for me…the 80’s wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Benjamin “Ben” Linus

The fictional character of Ben Linus portrayed by Michael Emerson on ABC’s Lost is one of the most important characters of the show. Not only is this evident in his role as a leader of “the others” but also in how he was chosen as the narrator of the Lost recap episode preluding the start of the sixth season of Lost.

Originally an enigma, Ben Linus turned out to be one of the most important figures of the show. He always manages to convince the other characters to do things they wouldn’t normally do and manipulating them by luring their ids, egos and deep personal motivations. If there were one major, central character of the show Lost that ties together all the characters in some fashion, it would most likely be Ben Linus.

At first, it’s tough to distinguish Ben Linus as a noble or evil character since what, at first, seems to be personal motivations later turn out to be motivations influenced by his dedication to either the keeping of the island’s secrets or the fulfilling of Jacob’s desires.

American Idol Recap: And Then There Were 16

An impressive 27 million people voted this week to decide which two guys and which two girls would be saying goodbye on the American Idol results show last night.  Whether they voted for the best voices, cutest faces or most sparkling personalities was the question. Thank God they weren’t voting on group performing ability, because, as usual, the requisite pre-recorded group performance at the start of the show was just as hideous and awkward as usual, maybe more so, this time a cheesy, embarrassing version of “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. Contestants lip-synched and mugged for the camera as they performed their stiff, generic dance moves to the popular, overplayed song and you could even see the self-deprecation in many of their eyes.

But I digress.

Not many surprises, unless you count the fact that last year’s soulful contestant Danny Gokey sang a country song (huh?)  as the “real” performance of the evening. I was completely confused, since he was one of my favorites last year, but not as a country singer. So his performance didn’t impress me much. But his glasses did; they were pretty rad. So there’s that.

Tim Urban managed to squeak his way through again. The judges watched back the tape and realized how much Michelle Delamor actually blew and America realized it and voted her off. Jermaine opened his church-singing, loud-mouth pie-hole as usual when he was voted off, John Park’s lack of “spiciness” failed to get him through and America finally realized that Haeley Vaughn really can’t sing and is, well, just annoying. However, I think Jermaine found the rest of Michelle’s gloves, which is a relief because I hate to see good fabric go to waste.

So I was two for four, not too shabby. I think America pretty much got it right this week, aside from the fact that they keep on insisting on keeping Tim Urban strictly for the fact that he looks like a Glee cast member.  Well, we can’t keep him around FOREVER, can we?

Can we? Please tell me we can’t.