the machete movie trailer

We are so excited about this movie that, before we’ve even seen it, we’re dubbing it Robert Rodriguez’s best film yet. The production value alone has to say something, including the appearance of Robert DeNiro in a not-so-familiar (aka non-gangster) role that proves he’s totally worth the Kennedy Center life-time achievement he’s been awarded recently.

Anyway, here’s the trailer that was shown between the Grindhouse double-feature movies Planet Terror and Deathproof. Afterwards you can watch the new, 2010 Machete trailer below.

david duchovny sex addiction – i don’t buy it

they say sex addiction is a real affliction. and perhaps someone who is screwing up their life due to their addiction to anything has a real problem. but it’s just too peculiar — a well-known actor who’s on the up and starts a brand new season of a show about sex just HAPPENs to have this affliction? c’mon… the ratings for the third season of californication were so high on the season premier episode that they renewed for a 4th season early. i mean, that’s gotta tell you something. smells like a PR stunt to me..

but that’s not so much of what bothers me. i personally find david duchovny to be a good actor, and for him to be grouped in with the (dis)likes of Jesse James and Tiger Woods just sours the taste in my mouth. i want to think of david duchovny as the clever-witted, charming, and eloquent half-bachelor that he is on the show and instead he’s being lumped in with these home-wrecking types that are cheating on their wives.

here’s a what-if scenario — what if he DOES have an addiction to sex, but it’s just that he can’t stop watching porn and is getting to the point where he no longer even attempts to hide it by erasing his browsing history. OR… maybe he’s not cheating on his wife, maybe they have sort of an open marriage. either way, i bet his marriage with tea leoni is not your typical conservative one.. i mean, if he’s doing tons of sex scenes as part of his career, there’s gotta be some leeway there…

but no, i really just don’t buy it. david duchovny most likely does not have an addiction to sex. probably just too his career.

beyonce’s single ladies dance meets pedophilia

call it what you will, and parents of these youngsters say anything to discount the inappropriate nature of this performance, but it’s our guess that anyone who watches this would feel at the very least slightly uncomfortable at the sexually suggestive dance routine performed by 8 and 9 year old girls at a recent The World of Dance competition. and if it isn’t the routine, what about the outfits? is it me or wasn’t it just a few years ago that abercrombie and fitch were selling preteen-sized girls underwear that were sexually suggestive?

(it might be important to note here that while the most notable outcry against A&F came from direly conservative One Million Moms who also take issue with Girl Scouts of America supportive gay rights and refuse to support a federal hate crimes bill, but c’mon…. children’s thongs? do kids need to look and feel sexy?)

well that is the question we are left with today when watching this video. and yes, we are sharing something controversial, so maybe we are adding to the drama. but we feel it’s important enough to view in order to fully comprehend why people have a problem with this.

the sad part about it is that these girls are incredibly talented and deserve a gold medal. it’s just too bad they’re turning into sluts before they even learn how to play kick the wouldn’t be fair of us not to give the parents a chance to speak, so here is Inside Edition’s interview with them:

scarlett johansson films

One of the more well-known actors today, Scarlett Johansson has been in 30 films with wide distribution. I recently saw her in A View From a Bridge, alongside Liv Schriever, here in New York City, her Broadway debut. Her acting ability is superb and it shows in the way she manages to settle into her characters as if they were another part of her. While Iron Man 2 may not the epitome of an actor’s crowning achievement, she still has her moments there.

Here is a list of movies she’s been in:

1994 North
1995 Just Cause
1996 Manny & Lo
1996 If Lucy Fell
1997 Home Alone 3
1997 Fall
1998 The Horse Whisperer
1999 My Brother the Pig
2001 The Man Who Wasn’t There
2001 Ghost World
2001 An American Rhapsody
2002 Eight Legged Freaks
2003 Lost in Translation
2003 Girl with a Pearl Earring
2004 A Love Song for Bobby Long
2004 A Good Woman
2004 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
2004 The Perfect Score
2004 In Good Company
2005 The Island
2005 Match Point
2006 Scoop
2006 The Black Dahlia
2006 The Prestige
2007 The Nanny Diaries
2008 The Other Boleyn Girl
2008 Vicky Cristina Barcelona
2008 The Spirit
2009 He’s Just Not That into You
2010 Iron Man 2

david duchovny and tea leoni

i know, it’s a simple question of why haven’t we posted this sooner, but well ya know, after running into liv tyler in the village and seeing brett michaels at a dive bar, it’s sorta tough to weigh what is important celebrity news to post. so we’re just sorta goin with the flow and you get to read what you are privilaged enough to read when we decide it’s important to read. welcome to the world of blogging.

so, david duchovny and tea leoni. what is up with them lately?