Kai Hibbard says The Biggest Loser gave her an Eating Disorder

It was bound to happen. A contestant from NBC’s The Biggest Loser claims she is now anorexic.

“It gave me a really fun eating disorder that I battle every day, and it also messed up my mental body image because the lighter I got during that T.V. show, the more I hated my body. And I tell you what, at 144 and at 262 and at 280, I had never hated my body before that show.” — Hibbard

kai hibbard before after biggest loserThere is no question that being so grotesquely overweight is a mental disorder, difficult to overcome. Reality tv is entertainment, despite whatever message or intentions the creative effort behind it might have – or pretend to have. That said, 1)I don’t really care if this woman has a mental disorder caused by the show, since she likely had one that lead her to believe it was a good idea to sign on the the show in the first place. 2)If she didn’t have an “eating disorder” before the show, what the hell is weighing over 250 lbs considered?

I have my own issues with my body and health, and I want to be respectful towards the struggles of other people. I can’t shake the feeling that this woman is just another reality show douchebag that I am only hesitant to be flip about because of her unfortunate body issues. I know it sucks being fat, and it sucks to be mentally ill, but it fucking sucks to blame the show, which she signed up for as an adult and which accomplished exactly what it explicitly proposed.

Could the public attention, and spotlighting of her body be the reason she is not happy? Unarguably, it could. But is there a reality show star who walks away without the pressure of having strangers voice opinions on the public parts of their lives? I know I’d rather be 144lbs of muscle and therapist visits than 262lbs. But hey, that’s me. Here’s hoping Kai Hibbard finds a way to be happy.

Entourage Returns for Season 7

entourage season 7Who’s psyched for the return of Entourage? This guy! Confirmed rumors of Sasha Grey cast as herself & Vince’s new girlfriend! This developement is sure to make the dude/douchebag factor higher than ever. Judging by the other HBO series latest developments, I am willing to bet we will all enjoy an increase in nudity and soft core sex-scenes.

As long as we are talking dirty, I happen to be a huge fan of Bob Saget, especially in the context of the show, and yes he is returning to the plotline for the 3rd time. Mike Tyson is rumored to be making an appearance as himself – a compliment to his other fratboy-culture appearance in The Hangover.

Speculate now about the accident that will supposedly rock the plotline and change the tone of the show forever. Will Vince be injured? or will e merely witness something horrible. The new film he is supposed to be filming is “an apocalyptic drama”, which doesn’t shed much light on the topic. The dudefest starts up again July 30th! Catch up on past episodes this month and report back!

Breaking Bad Season 3 Wrap-up

breaking bad season 3 finaleSome fans weren’t even waiting to say this until the season ended in case something happened to ruin the legacy, but: Breaking Bad is the best show on television right now. Everyone knows it.

The acting on this show is great, the writing is legendary and the direction and camerawork are incredible. Breaking bad doesn’t just tell the story of a cancer-struck man who decided to make a fortune by cooking methamphetamine. It shows how infectious evil acts can be, and how dangerous it is to step lightly through a web of sticky and confusing lies.

The appeal of this show is initially hard to pinpoint, but something about the execution makes the series addictive. One episode can be so different than the next. The use of flashbacks, monologues, and montages threw audiences expectations right back in their faces without ever breaking the pace it created for itself in the first season.

At times painful, heartbreaking and bleak with a shining moment of humor, hope or kindness thrown in there, the end result is a a car crash people just can’t stop watching, talking and writing about. Analyzing this show during the commercials and shushing each other violently when it comes back on is the proper way to watch this with friends.

Breaking Bad is so solid it puts subtlety back into the visuals, with body language or the angle of a gun barrel coming into play in ways I can’t even mention right now. Waiting for the next season is going to be excruciating. The Sopranos had a reign on top, and kind of faltered at the end, The Wire was cut short in its prime. It is obvious: Breaking Bad has not even peaked yet.

So… place your bets, where did that final bullet hit? Who’s the next to die? Which character will have another precious bit of innocence stolen from them? All summer fans will be debating the finer points of the darkest show in TV history.

True Blood Season 3 Premiere: Behold The Naked Tooth

Vampire mania still ravages the imagination of the American public! The returning episode of HBO’s True Blood is riding the bloody wave of our fair nation’s sexual fantasies with just about as much nudity, homo-eroticism and perverse, blatant sinning as the entire last season.

Judging by the noticeable increase in muscle mass on three of the leading men, I’d say the show is well aware of what the fans want to see. Vampire Eric(played by Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd) has a butt that is truly inhuman, and.. well… maybe you should just look at the hypnotic, NSFW animated gif. I am not even gay, but I can’t stop watching it. Jeez.

Oh, speaking of gayness – guess which 2 male actors come just about THIS close to kissing? I won’t spoil it for you, but I am not making this dialogue up: “I heard the water in Alabama is hard…”

You know what? I am just take a moment to list some other sexy one liners:

“I’m in no mood for lesbian weirdness tonight, Pam!”

“If we’re gonna be roommates there’s a certain amount of pussy overflow you’ll have to deal with.”

“Spit some in his mouth.”

“Conscience off, dick on! Say it!”

Yeah… if you are just tuning in to watch True Blood last Sunday, you are probably wondering what this show is about, aside from Louisiana being full of the horniest people alive. Based on The Southern Vampire Diaries, by Charlaine Harris, True Blood destroys the laughably safe way vampires have been portrayed in the Twilight universe, and can show more gore( and you know… boobies) than CW network’s The Vampire Diaries.

HBO offers the entire back catalog of episodes, including the mini-episodes it teased audiences with for months, leading up the last Sunday’s. If you haven’t already, get way into it! You have a few days to catch up before next Sunday’s episode. Watch it with someone you lust after!

Scarlett Johansson Wins Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson

I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to see A View From The Bridge with Scarlett Johansson and Liev Schreiber this spring. After seeing Schreiber in Defiance, I knew there was more of an actor than I previously gave him credit for. But the real reason I was interested in seeing this play was for Scarlett Johansson. Her work in Match Point and The Other Boleyn Girl, not to mention Lost in Translation, has really established her as an adult actress. That’s why when I learned that she had never done a broadway show before, and that she was working with Liev Schreiber, I had to see it for myself. And I have to admit: she deserves the Tony for Best Actress and that is just what she got tonight. Kudos, Scarlett.

Lady Gaga Strips, Flips the Bird at NY Mets Game Photographers

lady gaga mets game flip bird
The rumor is she was upset she had to sit so close to photographers.. which is ironic since she WORKS FOR POLAROID… So, instead of holding back the urge to yell profanities, say fuck you to the world with both hands, strip down to her skimpies and crash Jerry Seinfeld’s box seats, the diva decided to be herself.

Clearly, we’ve never seen Gaga like this. I mean, screw the BP oil spill and never-ending war in the Middle East, this is more than newsworthy. It’s not like we knew she would eventually crack from all the attention of being a celebrity. That never happens!

Maybe this is as good a time as any to note that TMZ clearly tries a little too hard to find a new story where there is already something right up their alley. They posted the following pic, insinuating Gaga french kissed a woman (at least that is what I was brought up to believe “first base” as) just because she was affectionate with a friend:

lady gaga mets game flip bird

The more entertaining story is the one that shows what really happened, especially since Lady Gaga is hot and sexy in nothing but a gold-beaded swimsuit. We hesitated to post the photos, since obviously this is exactly what she was worried about. But, we’re sorry, she simply cannot have her cake and eat it too. She may be an American, but unfortunately for her a land of opportunity has bred a land of opportunists. And frankly, if you act like a freak in all your performances, then demand special treatment at a baseball game, then you will get treated as such. Didn’t your mama ever teach you not to egg your antagonists on?
lady gaga mets game flip bird

Well, one thing is for sure. Gaga most likely will have learned a lesson here: next time act stoic or wear a mustache. Although.. we just might be expecting that..