Zach Anner vs. Oprah

Applicants submitted video auditions for The Oprah Show and Kohl’s Your OWN Show contest. Austin TX’s Zach Anner was winning by a landslide with his incredibly funny and surprisingly charismatic video. 25 year old Anner has cerebral palsy, and suggested he host a travel show. Sweeping 4chan, reddit and tumblr, Anner ended up being in the lead and was likely to win the

For an entire week last June, he was winning the contest by more than 300,000 votes. Rumors that the contest winner, Doctor Phyllis, had to cheat to win. This scenario would mean that the source code for the voting mechanism was modified to give more than one vote when clicked. No one from the Oprah Show has commented publicly, and rumors abound on the Internet as to the plausibility of this accusation.

Watch a few of the videos and you can see that Zach Anner deserves a show. Celebrity support form Dennis Quaid and John Mayer might help him out, too. I know I’d watch a show hosted by this oddball guy. So, keep an eye out for Zach Anner.

Here’s the original audition:

Here’s his reaction to the overwhelmingly positive response: