Ricky Gervais Opening Monologue

It’s pretty simple: you go up there, you crack a few jokes and you introduce the awards presenters, but no… Hosts of awards ceremonies always find a way of making really uncomfortable jokes while they’re in the spotlight, and if you’re an elephant in the room, you will be spotlighted — it’s an old trend that’s become mainstream and dubbed a “Roast”, a (hopefully) good-humored spiting of the guest of honor (or guests). But roasts can go overboard as this one has in some people’s eyes, such as Robert Downy, Jr. as quotes as saying, “it was mean,”.

Interestingly enough, Gervais is also a devout atheist and can be seen gurgling the sentiments of the holy spirit on Inside the Actor’s Studio.

Fatboy Slim – Push And Shove vs. Beck: E-Pro

The elements of both these songs are very similar. From the chord progression (mainly) to the drum beats to the overall feel, both song are rock songs with an electronic overlay at a medium hip hop RPM. But since Beck is just an all around better musician, it’s easier to hear the Beck melody over the Fatbox Slim song than the other way around. The sad truth is that Push And Shove came out a year prior to E-Pro.