Whitney Houston Dead at 48

At age 48, Whitney Houston is found dead at a Hilton Hotel on the night before the Grammy Award show.

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that, while we don’t officially know the cause of death yet, Houston’s self-destructive behavior has finally reached a boiling point. After a night of partying, the pop music legend passed away, leaving behind a daughter, a broken career, and millions of dollars in assets whose new ownership are yet to be determined.

Before you go and get uptight about any sort of “indecency” that critics may be showing at this time, first try to take into account the overly-irresponsible behavior of a celebrity who once showed the world an emotionally powerful and uplifting song like “The Greatest Love Of All” in contrast to probably the worst performance ever caught on camera of any pop diva after years of a reckless, drug-induced lifestyle: