7 Cable Shows You Don’t Want To Miss in April 2012

There are some great new shows and new seasons coming this April 2012

7. Magic City (series premiere, April 6th) – This Starz channel noir throwback features a 1960s Miami Beach setting where producer Mitch Glazer (Lost in Translation, Scrooged, The Recruit) has set a release date for April 6th. While the timeslot is a Friday night in spring (not the best timeslot), the storyline has incredible potential. Picture all your favorite noir topics: drugs, criminal underworld, gambling, strip clubs and prostitutes..

Magic City Starz

Magic City Starz

And now picture it in a 1960s Miami Beach night club, with the swank and swoon of that classic time period we have all recently gotten a good taste of from Mad Men, and you got yourself an instant hit.

6. The Big C (season three, April 8th 2012) – I wasn’t blown away by this show at first, but it really has a life of its own. The characters all have quite a bit of depth and the storyline, while is often far-fetched, is contrived and realized in a way that leaves you rooting for the characters. It sits at #6 on this list, though, because the following programs blow it out of the water..

5. Nurse Jackie (season four, April 8th, 2012) – It was said by Variety Magazine that Nurse Jackie was “all style and no substance”, but that has to be the dumbest criticism of a TV show. First off, a show is meant to entertain and that is how you should judge it. From where I’m sitting, Nurse Jackie is a deluge of substance: character development, real-world issues, and the viewer’s love/hate relationship with a witty, possibly amoral person who feels almost too-human at times. The show only lacks a solid direction, but substance is overflowing here. Anyway, if people have trouble turning it off then that means it’s entertaining, no? I personally had to watch all episodes of every season in one sitting.

4. The Borgias (season two) – There is, right now, no other show on TV that fits this genre. It’s entirely unique and tells the story of the Spanish/Italian Papal Family in all it’s crooked glory. The first season proved to enormously overshadow showtimes other series of the same genre The Tudors in that it showcased a much higher skill of acting from all fronts. From the wardrobe to the style to the direction and writing, this show has serious class.

3. Breaking Bad (season five, series conclusion) – Ok, this one doesn’t start until July, but it’s still very much worth mentioning now. While you’re out jetskiing, surfing, sailing, or any other water sports your summer entails, you’ll be missing the concluding season of one of the best shows on television. Thank god for Tivo! Walter Sr. is said to make the ultimate sacrifice and determines the fate of himself, his family and Jesse Pinkman once and for all in this exciting AMC drama.

Jessica Pare Mad Men Dance Scene

Jessica Pare Mad Men Dance Scene

2. Mad Men (season 5) – After a year off, Mad Men returned to AMC March 25th with their fifth season, which showcased the intimacy of Donald Draper and his new wife Megan Draper, including a party where Megan sings a sassy, burlesque-like song in French in one of the most unforgettable scenes on television this year. The style on this is through the roof and it’s no wonder Mad Men has received so much critical acclaim.

1. Game of Thrones (season two, April 2nd 2012) – Like millions of people around the country, I was a big, big fan of Lost and didn’t think it was possible for a show of that caliber to ever come around again — until I saw Game of Thrones. From the cinematography to the story arc to the direction and imagination of the original author and creator George R. R. Martin, there is seriously no other show that comes close to how moving, awe-inspiring, addicting and (ultimately) highly entertaining as this fantasy set in a mythical, medieval world. If you haven’t seen series one yet, you should drop everything you’re doing now and go watch it. Because I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, all I want to say is NED STARK.