Lady Gaga’s Fragrance Made With Blood?

All the world’s “little monsters” are growling, tweeting, buzzing, fussing, etc over Gaga’s new perfume Fame is getting its first few whiffs in celebrity circles. A fluid that is pitch black but smells like fruit and made with Gaga’s blood…. ok, only in its original sample concoction, but she has said that it would smell like “an expensive hooker” and is “black like the soul of fame”. It almost sounds like it’ll be more like something you DON’T want to smear on your body… unless you’re 13 years old and really enjoy cutting yourself while drowning in the overproduced, homoerotic mess that is Gaga’s music. (Scarily, there are many, many of these kinds of people in the world…wait, are you one of them? Why are you reading this anyway?)

The creature of pop gave her twitter followers a dose of what is to come with a few Instagram snapshots posted to her twitter profile: