2013 The Walking Dead Bikini Zombies Calender

At the beginning of 2013, have you found your perfect calendar yet?

No matter you found it or not, if you are a fan of zombies, you must not miss this bikini zombies calendar of “The Walking Dead”.

The calendar is part of a South African promotion for AMC’s “The Walking Dead” by Ireland Davenport Development. Fans of zombies can download this calendar for free!







Check out the bikini zombie babes shooting behind the scene:

Justin Bieber Gropes Fan’s Breast In Photo

After someone posted a photo of Justin Bieber grabbing a fan’s left breast (while kissing her on the cheek) to his official fan site, the photo was quickly removed after causing a stir. Both Bieber and the fan, Jocelyn, deny that he is actually grabbing her boob, while the photo shows quite a different story. The fan tweeted: “People can think what they want but I know what really happened & Justin does too so everyone else’s opinions don’t matter to me.” reports Fox News.

Is it a coincidence that Bieber’s newest album Believe Acoustic hits stores today?

Zombie Short Film: “Project: S.E.R.A.”

Are you one of the fans of zombie movies? If your answer is YES, then you can’t miss this zombie short film: “Project: S.E.R.A.”. The story is about a girl, Gillean Eames, wakes up in a abandoned warehouse and witnesses her father got injected a biological virus and eventually turns into a zombie.

The director and writer of the movie, Benjamin Howdeshell whose also well known as assistant editor of “Resident Evil” series, “Death Race (2008)”, “Season of the Witch (2011)” and “Step Up Revolution (2012)”.

“Project: S.E.R.A.” just has 10 minutes length story; however, it not only has the special effects and sounds as Hollywood movies, but also has an extraordinary exciting story. Benjamin Howdeshell used different time lines and contradicted colors interlaced an entertaining and vivid piece for audience. The story has all kinds of elements that zombie movie fans will like, such as conspiracy, zombie turning process, hot girl with guns, and 360 degrees zombie shooting scenario!

Not bad, huh?!
Some people might have the question about the tile “S.E.R.A.”. What does S.E.R.A. mean? According to Benjamin Howdeshell explanation, S.E.R.A. represents “Simpson Eames Regeneration Agenda”. I can’t wait for the next one~!

(Note: Simpson Eames is the father of Gillean.)

Julia Voth as Gillean Eames

As a Canadian actress, Julia’s likeness is used for the basis of the character Jill Valentine from Capcom’s survival-horror video game series “Resident Evil,” starting with the 2002 remake of the original game.


Lindsay Lohan Will Not Take Porn Film Offer

Lindsay Lohan’s rep told the Inquisitr that she will not be considering a recent offer of $2.5 Million for her role in a XXX-rated movie.

After doing the Playboy shoot and being offered $1 million from Fleshlight, it might be believable to some to read about a source for the National Enquirer say,

“Her acting career is going south and it seems as if people are run­ning scared from working with her – some industry insiders think she’s uninsurable, unreliable and far too much trouble.”

The high profile and wreckless lifestyle of the still young actress would actually jump the shark if she actually took an adult film role. Alas, Lohan’s rep said she is definitely not going to take it.