Q & A: Are You A Breaking Bad Expert?

“Breaking Bad”, one of the hottest TV shows, is now in its season finale on AMC. Fans from all around the world are all concerned about how is it going to make a satisfy ending?

If you claimed that you are a Breaking Bad expert, here are some pop quiz for you to find out how well do you know about the story of Heisenberg!


Q: True or False: RJ Mitte, aka Walter White, Jr. has Cerebral Palsy in real life?


A: True! RJ Mitte has a mild form of Cerebral Palsy. In the show he made his symptom more severe than real life by talking slowly and walking with crutches.


Q: Who has Heisenberg NOT killed?


A: It’s Tuco! Although Walter wants to kill him but fail a lot of times. The one who pull the trigger is Walter’s brother-in-low, the DEA agent, Hank Schrader.


Q: True or False: The show was always meant to take place in New Mexico?


A: False! The show was meant to take place in Riverside, CA. But AMC suggested New Mexico for the tax breaks.


Q: Which character was NOT meant to live pass Season One?


A: Surprisingly the answer is Jessie! He was meant to die in Season One. But the creator changed his mind after re-watching Aaron Paul’s performance.


Q: Which character is rumored to get a spin-off?


A: “Better call Soul!” Vincent Gilligan, the creator and the producer of Breaking Bad said “Peter Gould and I are hard at work trying to figure out what a Soul Goodman spin-off would look like…We can’t promise it will happen. But we love the idea very much. ”


In April 2013, it was revealed that AMC and Sony were interested in a spin-off series that would focus on Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), with Gilligan and series writer Peter Gould developing the project.

Which color does Marie wear a lot in the show?


Can’t wait to see the season finale on September 29, Sunday!

Disney Princess as Sin City Characters

Combining the two legendary images that is what Frank Miller good for. This time he combines Disney Princess with Sin City Characters. Those posters are the definition of “win.”

Rosario Dawson as Gail, leader of prostitutes of the Old Town community


Snow White as Gail


Alexis Bledel as Becky


Belle as Becky


Jessica Alba as Nancy Callahan


Ariel as Nancy Callahan


Jaime King as Goldie


Aurora as Goldie


Brittany Murphy as Shelle


Cinderella as Shelle


Devon Aoki as Miho


Jasmin as Miho


Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway Reveals Cast and Creative

Broadway and Disney fans alike rejoice! The highly anticipated Broadway version of Disney’s Aladdin, directed and choreographed by Tony Award winner Casey Nicholaw, will run in Toronto this fall before coming to Broadway for previews in February. The show will finally open at the New Amsterdam Theater March 20.

Yesterday The New York Times released a list of those incorporating their talents for the stage musical. Among 34 cast members are Adam Jacobs (Aladdin), James Monroe Iglehart (the Genie), Courtney Reed (Jasmine), and Tony Award nominee and voice actor for his character in the animated film, Jonathan Freeman (Jafar).

The score includes the legendary classic Disney hit and Academy Award Winner “Whole New World” as well as brand new songs written special for the production. Oscar and Tony Award winner Alan Menken (music), Howard Ashman and Tim Rice (lyrics), and Chad Beguelin (book and additional lyrics) also grace this musical with their skills.

Aladdin marks the most recent of the Disney film family brought to the Broadway stage after its predecessors The Beauty and the Beast (1994-2007), The Lion King (1997-present), Mary Poppins (2006-2013), Tarzan (2006-2007), The Little Mermaid (2008-2009), and Newsies (2012-present).

Beyonce Pulled Off Stage by Crazed Fan!

Beyonce concerts seemed to have gotten more eventful than ever as of recently! From Bey’s weave getting caught in an enormous industrial fan, to crazed audience members getting a little too comfortable with the super star diva, “The Mrs. Carter World tour” has been anything but boring! Now, The Huffington Post is reporting on more fan chaos at Bey’s most recent performance yesterday in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They report:

“He [The fan] grabbed onto the 32-year-old singer and pulled her off stage during a performance of ‘Irreplaceable.’ After being helped back up by security personnel, Beyonce finished the song. Ever the queen, Beyonce then went over to the man who yanked her down and shook his hand. ‘Nice to meet you. Thank you, I love you, too,'”

Talk about one smooth chick, Beyonce chose not to have the fan kicked out of the concert. During the video capturing the event, in usual diva fashion, Beyonce does not meet a beat, even after being pulled down by her overly aggressive admirer. While at the end no one was hurt or arrested it can only make you think, how much fan interaction is too much fan interaction?

Miley Cyrus New “Wrecking Ball” Musical Video Expresses Vulnerability

In the midst of constantly being in the entertainment news considering her latest raunchy musical performances, Miley Cyrus releases her newest single “Wrecking Ball”.

Her music videos are often under fire lately, especially her new change of pace in her “We Won’t Stop” video where she desperately tries to break away from her Disney star image. The music video for “Wrecking Ball” attempts the same, but does it in a more artistic way.

The main aspect of this video viewers question is the fact that Cyrus rides an actual wrecking ball…naked. Given people’s perceptions of the young pop star, this is taken as a cry for attention rather than artistic expression. However, Cyrus’s intention could be the latter.

Cyrus confirms this claim in a statement to Entertainment Weekly:

“If people can take their minds off the obvious and go into their imagination and see what the video really means, it is so vulnerable. … If you look at my eyes, I look more sad than actually my voice sounds on the record. It was a lot harder to actually do the video than it was to even record the song. It was much more of an emotional experience.”

She is trying too hard to show that she has grown up by pretty much showing the exact opposite, especially with her display at the VMAs. But in “Wrecking Ball”, although she seems to force the issue again, she appears to be doing it in a different manner. Instead of for sexual reasons given the song’s theme of heartbreak, Cyrus’s nudity could represent the vulnerability of her song’s pain instead.

Bruno Mars Confirmed As Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Act!

Even though football season has just kicked off, Bruno Mars can be expected as the Super Bowl XLVIII halftime act! USATODAY reports,

Super Bowl XLVIII — set for Feb. 2 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. — already has garnered lots of attention because it will be played in an open-air stadium in an area that is susceptible to cold weather and snowstorms.

It’s also being held just miles away from New York City, which is the headquarters to many media, advertising and branding behemoths. Those firms are brimming with anticipation about the potential marketing tie-ins with the game.

While the “Treasure” singer has tough acts to follow like Beyonce, Destiny’s Child reuniting, and Madonna, people have high hopes for the talented 27 year old’s performance. Super Bowl halftime sponsors, Pepsi, confirmed the performance and tweeted “Excited to have you in ‪#PepsiSBHalftime‬ Mr. ‪@BrunoMars‬. We KNOW you’re ‪#FanEnough‬! The countdown to Feb 2 is on.” The unique and groovy singer seemed just as excited, when minutes before he posted to his twitter page “WE’RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!! ‪#PepsiSBHalftime‬” With hits like “Treasure”, “When I was your man”, and “Locked out of heaven”, all in which have hit the top ten on the BillBoard Charts, I think its safe to say Mr. Mars has earn the covenant spot as Super Bowl Halftime act. Let’s not forget it’s only an event thats watched by nearly hundreds of MILLIONS of people, let’s keep our fingers crossed Bruno will deliver!

Lamar Odom’s Ex “Roommate” Tells All!

Lamar Odom has just recently left rehab and he cannot seem to get a break even if he tried! After a DUI arrest, infidelity, and crack cocaine allegations things have just seemed to gotten even more out of control for Lamar Odom. Polina Polonsky, Odom’s ex-“roommate” spoke with TMZ.com about Lamar’s summer stay with her, and she’s spilling it all. While theres still some debate on whether Polonsky, the alleged lawyer, is desperate for some publicity or making honest statements about Odom, she certainly had no problem putting all Lamar’s personal business on blast during an exclusive interview with TMZ. During the 8 minute exclusive Polonsky describes her time with Lamar in her apartment as similar to having a child in her home.

Polina also claimed that during her time with Lamar, Khloe Kardashian called to speak with him one night and just minutes later after the phone call Mrs. Odom came at her like an “Uncaged Animal.” Polonsky doesn’t speak on it directly, but it is pretty clear throughout the interview she indirectly states that Lamar was under the influence of crack/ cocaine during his stay with her. Claiming that while he may have been using, it was “under control” at that time. Under control usage of crack/ cocaine?! After watching the interview of Polonsky ranting on for 8 minutes it’s questionable if SHE is the real one in need of rehab.

J. Scott Campbell’s Disney Princesses V.S. Villains

After the hot version of Disney Princess Series, Jeffrey Scott Campbell has another Disney Princess series which is about those princesses versus their villains. The frame work is quite amazing! I personally love the Sleeping Beauty one. The construction of this work is perfectly shows that princess Aurora lived/slept under the shadow of Maleficent, the evil queen.

Alice in Wonderland – Alice V.S. Red Queen


Cinderella – Cinderella V.S. Stepmother & Sisters


Tangled – Rapunzel V.S. Mother Gothel


Sleeping Beauty – Princess Aurora V.S. Maleficent


The Little Mermaid – Ariel V.S. Ursula


Did Miley’s Antics Cost Her a Vogue Cover?!

While a few may have been momentarily entertained by Miley Cyrus’ tongue sticking, twerk dancing performances, others have not found it the least bit appealing. Among the displeased is Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, and I can’t imagine this is someone you want to disappoint when your lined up for the cover of December’s Vogue issue. The rumor mill is spinning and word on the street is Miley has been axed from the cover of the mag’s upcoming issue, reports FoxNews.com on the matter. Wintour seems to have had a strong change in heart for the cover after seeing Miley grind and grope a married Robin Thicke during her overly provocative performance at the MTV VMA’s. An insider says “Anna found the whole thing distasteful… she decided, based on Miley’s performance, to take the cover in a different direction.” It was also said the photos for the Vogue cover have already been shot, and we all know time is money so Ms. Wintour must have really been dissatisfied! Ouch, guess we’ll have to wait until Winter to see who graces the cover of the December Vogue issue for sure. Maybe Miley will think twice before she goes on her next twerking rampage!

J. Scott Campbell’s Disney Princess Series

Jeffrey Scott Campbell is an American comic book artist. He has had several pen names, including “Jeff Scott”, but is best known as J. Scott Campbell. As a cover artist of Marvel Comics, the most well-known works of his are doing the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man.

I have to say that if Disney’s princesses are as hot as his version, no wonder why those prince charming cannot resist.

The Little Mermaid – Ariel








Alice in Wonderland – Alice





Three Bears – Goldilocks


Sleeping Beauty – Maleficent


Sleeping Beauty – Aurora


Snow White


Peter Pan – Tinkerbell




Peter Pan – Wendy





Pinocchio – Blue Fairy


The Princess and the Frog – Tiana


The Princess and the Pea


Red Riding Hood




Beauty and the beast – Belle


Aladdin – Jasmine


Thumbelina – Maia