Will Smith Reboots Fresh Prince of Bel Air

News arrived today that the classic 90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would be getting a reboot with Will Smith producing. Smith’s production company, Overbrook Entertainment is leading the project with Smith’s long-time collaborator James Lassiter, along with Caleeb Pinkett and Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett-Smith all on board for the debut (or re-debut? what do you call that?).

Obviously it’ll be a more modern-day version of the show but retain much of the original spirit from the 90s prime-time comedy. While NBC was the original broadcaster of the series, Overbrook is rumored to be in the finalization process of its series pitch at the moment which means it’ll be making rounds in hollywood over the next few weeks.

NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt, currently on a TCA press tour, said he’d love to talk to Smith about rebooting the show. This is perhaps the best news for the actor/rapper/producer as, after all, it was NBC that helped kickstart his Hollywood career in the first place. Perhaps Smith hopes to use this reboot to give a boost to his wife’s career as well?

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Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone Rock Out Saturday Night Live

Not just Emma Stone is the naturally born comedian, but also her boyfriend Andrew Garfield as well. Andrew Garfield was the host in the last week SNL (The Saturday Night Live). Both of them were playing their characters, Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy in their newest movie: “The Amazing Spider Man” sequels on the set. However, funny as the usual on the show, the supposedly romantic kissing scene turned into another direction toward the end. Let’s watch it!

Emma Stone On Lip Sync Battle – Naturally Comedian In Her Bone

One of the most popular late night talk shows – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has a lot of fans. One of the reason why is that Jimmy Fallon has invited many famous celebrities on the show and the humorous style that he has been hosting gets a lot of positive response as well. One of the subjects in the show is called “Lip Sync Battle” which gets crazy sharing on all source of social network.

Emma Stone - Naturally Comedian In Her Bone

For promoting “The Amazing Spider Man 2 – With Great Power”, Emma Stone got invited to be one of the guests for the show. And she’s also joined the “Lip Sync Battle” with rival Jimmy Fallon. I have to say, after watching Emma Stone’s performance, not just me, but Jimmy Fallon can’t even comment to it at the moment because even though it is a lip sync, Emma Stone is really make it looks like she’s the real singer. Especially, in her second song, cute Emma tried to challenge Jimmy in a humorous way, she picked DJ Kjaled “All I Do Is Win” for her battle choice. Look at her using bold and comedic body language through out the song, Jimmy Fallon said that this is the best performance of “Lip Sync Battle” that he’s ever seen!

Saturday Night Live Loses Major Cast Members Hader, Armisen, Sudeikis, and Meyers

Last year, SNL had the displeasure of announcing the departure of two of the members of The Lonely Island trio, Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone, who were a major hit of the show for the past seven years. Over the next year, we’ll also be seeing four more departures from the show which will effectively mark the end of an era for Saturday Night Live comedy fans when cast members Bill hader, Fred Armisen, Jason Sudeikis and Seth Meyers say goodbye to their tenure.

What’s the future hold for these guys? Seth Meyers has just signed on to be the new host of Late Night on NBC while current host Jimmy Fallon moves to The Tonight Show, and the other three all have movie roles in the works. Hader’s most recent upcoming film will be The To Do List alongside Andy Samberg, Fred Amrisen has two upcoming films The Smurfs 2 and Relanxious alongside Sudeikis who also has Tumbledown and We’re The Millers coming out this year.