7. We Need To Do Something

Planned Release Date: Sep. 3, 2021

Director: Sean King O’Grady

Starring: Sierra McCormick

If you are following the show American Horror Stories (2021), there is one of the iconic characters – the Rubber Man you cannot forget. The show is a spin-off from it’s previous series American Horror Story (2011-). The gimp rubber suit eventually being wore on the girl Scarlett Winslow (played by Sierra McCormick).

Sierra McCormick, the unstoppable Gen-Z superstar made an impression on the screen with her exquisite face and flawless figure now is in the new upcoming horror film distributed by IFC – We Need To Do Something.

For fans of slow burn horror like Hereditary (2018) comes We Need To Do Something, a horror film centering on a family who gets stuck in a bathroom together during a tornado. As hours turn to days for the family as they become trapped due to the storm, some sort of unknown terror befalls them. The movie premiered at Tribeca over the summer to overall positive reviews from horror fans.