‘Satisfaction’ Goes From Polyamorous To Psychedelic

The best show on USA just got better, with mind-expanding experiences ranging beyond visits with your local Buddhist to discuss interpersonal relationships and into the vastness of psychedelic experiences.

This may be the only show on television that actually deals with what is happening with modern day “fuck-it” America. People these days are trapped within the capitalist system, pushed beyond their own expectations and into a realm of opportunism. This show actually visualizes the world how it is… with the help of really good looking characters who don’t have financial problems.

Polyamorism isn’t new and it isn’t a paradigm shift in itself, but it’s a lifestyle finally affecting a big enough portion of the population that the entertainment industry can actually make a buck off of it. That isn’t to say that this show exists purely to capitalize on the trend, just the opposite. The trend enabled a television network like USA to feel no shame running with it to appease a portion of their audience. I happen to fall into that demographic and I’ve been pleasantly engaged in a TV show that doesn’t rehash the same old laundry list of cliches that other shows follow. Instead, we have a story line involving a spectrum of morality spanning genders, generations, and genie-like wish fulfillment. That may be the dividing line between the show and reality, that what you see in ‘Satisfaction’ is very much a fantasy — but how far from real life can it be?

Pot has already been legalized in enough areas that we can really say the U.S. is a cannabis-embracing country without it being based on conjecture. Homosexual marriage is now the law of the land and that means more people are open about, unafraid of, or willing to experiment in sensual liaisons with the same sex. Life in 2015 just isn’t what it was in 1955. Sixty years ago, deviants put lots of grease in their hair and smoked cigarettes in the boys room. Today, deviants are the norm. Nerds are the norm. It’s cool to be a porn star and it’s hip to sell drugs.

Old-school TV is a dying cyber-breed and that may be why USA decided to release this season of ‘Satisfaction’ online. The world that television drama needs to beckon is the world it should draw all of its creative ideas from and for this reason alone ‘Satisfaction’ hits a home-run. Issues that used to be taboo are now more-than tolerated, they’re embraced by the mythology of show creator Sean Jablonski who calls it “a post-modern love story”. Issues of modern-day dating, modern-day parenting and modern-day sexual indulgences are more than commonplace, they’re becoming a standard of living that extends beyond metrosexuality and liberalism and into uncharted TV territory like families without a nucleus, businesses that embrace the black market and, most of all, sex that doesn’t require a written consent form to engage in.

11 Lazy Rainy Day Amazon TV Binges

If you haven’t already dived into the world of Amazon Video, you are seriously missing out. For anyone who refuses to pay the exorbitant costs of cable, most television shows are now streaming online. It puts Netflix and Hulu to the test with its up-to-date television and movie selection, even heralding new original programming worth a gander.

Unlike Netflix, Amazon has a habit of getting the rights to rent out brand new TV shows from other networks shortly after they are aired. This is great for anyone who doesn’t want to pay for cable and wants to get an Amazon Prime account instead. It comes with a 30-day free trial

1. Fear The Walking Dead

This sharp and moving action drama doesn’t take its time to explore the dire effects of a zombie apocalypse, introducing new characters into the realm of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Before the new season comes back around you should check this out!

2. Hand of God

Ron Perlman is a born again judge who’s wrapped up in multiple murders and unraveling the mystery behind his comatose son. What’s not to like? But, seriously, it’s entertaining and short enough to give it a go.

3. Mr. Robot

One of the best new shows on television just got easy to download. This show lives and breathes Guy Fawkes rebellions and brings hacker geekery to primetime…..the right way. Meaning there are no beeps and blips every time someone uses a computer, the computer screen shows actual computerese instead of gobbledygook, and

4. Outlander

Based on a novel, it’s an incredibly well-produced romance novel slash time travelling mystery based on the magical powers of a stonehengey type thing. There’s also a good amount of sexy nakedness. This is a little more for the female audience but carries the guys easily with the sci-fi, blarney beards, 12-foot beer mugs and boobs.

5. Game of Thrones

Whether you’ve been putting it off or just want to catch up before season 6 comes out, Game of Thrones is a sure thing when it comes to action, adventure and magic fantasy lands with dragons and stuff. It’s also a good way to be built up only to be devastated when your favorite character meets a fate you far worse than expected. For some reason this seems to be the successful driving force behind the show, and you won’t stop watching once you start!

6. Orphan Black

Nobody is really ready for this show. It depicts what things might be like if there were a secret experimental cloning organization running around the world doing crazy shit. There are new characters in almost every episode and the old characters never overplay. A must-watch for sci-fi enthusiasts.

7. The Americans

This cold-war era period drama takes spy movie to the next level cialis vendre. The two main characters are masters of disguise, wiretapping, picking locks, social engineering and various other awesome back-stabbing skills they teach you in the KGB. It successfully covers ground that no other movies or TV shows have been willing to cover in recent years, that of the overplayed 80s soviet espionage story….a story we typically only saw the American side of for two decades of action films.

8. American Horror Story

With the new season just around the corner, why not brush up on the hit horror anthology from the beginning?

9. Better Call Saul

If only this show were aired multiple times a year.. Better Call Saul picks up where Breaking Bad left off with the backstory of notoriously crooked attorney Saul Goodman.

10. Justified

A modern day cowboy cop show that ultimately went nowhere but is totally fun to watch.

11. Heroes

When it comes to comic book TV shows, Heroes kept it real through the mid-2000s. The infamous WGA Writers’ Strike in 2007 hurt the development and in turn the ratings of this deeply character-driven superhero petri dish of a story. The production is top-notch, from visual to sound and direction overall, and the narration gives a storybook quality that forces the show to stand out from the others that came before.