Freddie Prinze Jr. Says Kiefer Sutherland ‘Most Unprofessional Dude’

Anyone who’s ever worked with a big actor probably knows there’s a diva element they’ll have to face, regardless of how much you like them beforehand. In Freddie Prinze Jr.’s case, he was apparently appalled at the behavior of 24 co-star Kiefer Sutherland.

“I hated every moment of it,” said 38-year-old Prinze. “Kiefer was the most unprofessional dude in the world. That’s not me talking trash, I’d say it to his face, I think everyone that’s worked with him has said that. I just wanted to quit the business after that. So, I just sort of stopped.”

It may be interesting to note that professionalism usually includes keeping your opinions of co-workers out of the press, Freddie…

In response to this statement, Sutherland’s reps told the media, “Kiefer worked with Freddie Prinze, Jr. more than five years ago, and this is the first he has heard of Freddie‘s grievances,” Monday afternoon. “Kiefer enjoyed working with Freddie and wishes him the best.”

Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson Join ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Final Season

If you’ve seen Courtney Love in anything she’s acted, you’ll probably agree that she isn’t terrible. In The People vs. Larry Flynt, she managed to pull off a ditzier version of herself without losing a sense of human vulnerability. In Man on the Moon, she plays the lovable, supportive and romantic girlfriend of Andy Kaufman. It’s recently been reported that Love will now play a role as a pre-school teacher in Sons of Anarchy on FX this fall.

Marilyn Manson, on the other hand, hasn’t had such luck landing high profile roles. This may actually be a turning point for the controversial musician. In Sons, Manson will play a white supremacist named Ron Tully who Jax recruits for his powerbase in prison.

Manson said, “Sons of Anarchy has been a big part of my life, as well as my fathers. I will be involved in what will probably be remembered as the most amazing piece of television cinema.” While we’re not entirely sure that is true, we definitely can’t wait to see him this fall for the final season of the epic FX drama.

Shia LaBeouf’s Arrest During ‘Cabaret’ Performance is Passe

Last night, at a performance of Cabaret on Broadway’s Studio 54, someone caused such a stir in the audience during act one that the police had to remove them from the premises at intermission. This person was spanking peoples’ butts when he walked into the theater, smoking in the theater during the show, being obnoxiously loud and using offensive language including homophobic slurs when being escorted out, and all the while people said he smelled like he hadn’t taken a shower in days. This person was Shia LaBeouf.silence-of-the-lambs

As if all of that wasn’t the funny part, the police actually put a mask on him because he wouldn’t stop spitting.

Lots of actors have issues keeping their act together. What’s interesting about LaBeouf is that, over the course of his 14 year career, that man simply can’t seem to settle into normalcy for more than a few minutes. In the past year alone, LaBeouf:

  • went public on Twitter with his feud between Orphans co-star Alec Baldwin and director Daniel Sullivan and his subsequent departure from the play
  • was accused of plagiarising artist Dan Clowes in his short film HowardCantour
  • plagiarised an apology to Dan Clowes from a yahoo answers post
  • subsequently hired a skywriter to write an apology to Dan Clowes in the sky over L.A.
  • wore a paper bag over his head with the words “I’m not famous anymore” written on it at the premiere of Nymphomaniac, a phrase he repeatedly posted on twitter for days leading up to it
  • head-butted a man during a bar-crawl in London

Antics are one thing, but it’s beginning to look like LaBeouf might have some mental health problems he needs to work out — and it doesn’t resemble Joaquin Phoenix’s career immolation a few years ago, either; at least when Joaquin was screwing around it was slapsticky and shameful, something you could probably accurately anticipate with LaBeouf in a way that just doesn’t feel comfortable. Instead of embracing, and even creating this conundrum, Shia just lets his party get out of hand, like a good, irresponsible adult that expect him to be, he seems to be melting down into a cesspool of douchebaggery that only people close to him have learned to tolerate. In light of having trouble handling his own ego, Shia LeBouf apparently LOVES the attention he’s getting, otherwise why would he constantly draw our attention? Chaotic spitting, ass-slapping, chain-smoking Shia doesn’t have anyone to answer to…. so he thinks…… and that means he can act any way he damn well pleases, wherever he aimlessly ends up……………………………………. Right???


Most of the time when celebrities act crazy towards the public, it turns out to be a minor domestic violence fiasco or an unfortunate faux pas involving reporters and famously overworked actors like Sean Penn and Bjork Gudmundsdottir. But this display by LaBeouf shows an increasingly frequent pattern of behavior that almost inevitably results in a demeaning backlash from the media that LaBeouf hasn’t yet learned to outsmart.

Maybe he got too big too fast? Or maybe he just forgot to take his meds. Either way, this is one celebrity we’re all going to have fun watching make public statements for years to come (if he doesn’t unintentionally concoct his own demise before then!).

Does that ripped blue shirt feel “cool” on your shoulders, Shia? Like your shoulder bones are so punk that they just couldn’t be contained and burst out? Or was it the cops dragging you out of a broadway play for being a dickhead, oh, I’m sorry, yea, probably that…..

The Greatest Love From A Mother: Jessica Alba & The Honest Co.

When you heard the name “Jessica Alba”, what specific image pops in your head first? A hot figure eye candy who is also an actress, a model, a fashion icon, an American sweetheart, a mother of 2 kids, and a good wife. However, do you know that she’s also a successful business woman and the founder of “The Honest Company” as well?


The Honest Company is a company that only provides earth friendly, organic, non toxic baby products and family cleaning supplies.
Jessica Alba may never imagine herself as an owner of a company someday, yet in order to provide a toxic-free environment for her children, she suddenly realize that there are too much of toxin surround us that almost impossible to find the ones she needs since she has becoming a mother. In this case, she decided to make the natural, chemical-free products herself by cooperating with a popular writer Christopher Gavigan of “Healthy Child Healthy World” and a well-known and successful entrepreneur Brian Lee. To come up the name “Honest” for the company , Jessica got the inspiration from her daughter’s first name “Honor” that also matches the goal of her business as well.

The interior design of The Honest Company main office in Los Angeles carries out the same natural and friendly images to not only the customers, but the workers as well. Let’s come check it out what does it look like!

jessica-alba-the-honest-company-80438-750x336[1] jessica-alba-the-honest-company-94333-750x642[1] jessica-alba-the-honest-company-13263[1]jessica-alba-the-honest-company-98925-750x472[1]

▼ Instead of the traditional cubical, all the employees are working in an open space environment. 


▼ This purple desk is Jessica’s. Although she’s the owner of the company and also a celebrity, instead of having her own office, she chose to work with her employees together. 


▼ For the rest of the office, Jessica is using a lot of sky blue which is also the color of the brand for the decoration.  The main style that she’s looking for is more like elegant. Some of them are more vivid and colorful. Even though is an office, she’s successfully created a homey and warm working atmosphere.  

jessica-alba-the-honest-company-84502-750x699[1] jessica-alba-the-honest-company-97310-750x807[1] jessica-alba-the-honest-company-15079-750x814[1] jessica-alba-the-honest-company-59660-750x676[1] jessica-alba-the-honest-company-19481-750x473[1]

▼ This is a family tree of The Honest Company. The materials of the tree is made by the driftwood that Christopher Gavigan had found in the junk. Using the recycling material as a decor in the company is really appealing to the method of the company.


▼ You can feel Jessica’s healthy and positive energy all around the corners in the main office.

jessica-alba-the-honest-company-53456-750x297[1] jessica-alba-the-honest-company-80972[1]5[1]7[2] jessica-alba-the-honest-company-82066-750x296[1]

▼ This wall is full of the good news sharing and recommended blackboards from the restaurants to the must-go traveling spots. It not just shows people who are working in the company are not a team, but also a big family. 

jessica-alba-the-honest-company-54316-750x507[1] jessica-alba-the-honest-company-58370-750x500[1] 9[2] jessica-alba-the-honest-company-60959-750x680[1]

▼ This is an inside-built playground for kids. It seems like you can hear children’s laughter all around here already. 

jessica-alba-the-honest-company-20834-750x875[1]jessica-alba-the-honest-company-52696-750x338[1] jessica-alba-the-honest-company-78724-750x886[1] jessica-alba-the-honest-company-19299-750x786[1] jessica-alba-the-honest-company-61257-750x756[1] jessica-alba-the-honest-company-81427-750x377[1] jessica-alba-the-honest-company-69849-750x842[1] jessica-alba-the-honest-company-54332-750x554[1] jessica-alba-the-honest-company-44115-750x567[1] jessica-alba-the-honest-company-15810-750x287[1] 10[2]

Just like the concept that Jessica Alba wants to convey, “Honest” is a natural, chemical-free, organic and earth-friendly company. From the decoration to the products, you can feel the positive energy all over the office. It seems like going to work is not an unpleasant task anymore if you have a chance to work here, doesn’t it?

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone Rock Out Saturday Night Live

Not just Emma Stone is the naturally born comedian, but also her boyfriend Andrew Garfield as well. Andrew Garfield was the host in the last week SNL (The Saturday Night Live). Both of them were playing their characters, Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy in their newest movie: “The Amazing Spider Man” sequels on the set. However, funny as the usual on the show, the supposedly romantic kissing scene turned into another direction toward the end. Let’s watch it!

Emma Stone On Lip Sync Battle – Naturally Comedian In Her Bone

One of the most popular late night talk shows – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has a lot of fans. One of the reason why is that Jimmy Fallon has invited many famous celebrities on the show and the humorous style that he has been hosting gets a lot of positive response as well. One of the subjects in the show is called “Lip Sync Battle” which gets crazy sharing on all source of social network.

Emma Stone - Naturally Comedian In Her Bone

For promoting “The Amazing Spider Man 2 – With Great Power”, Emma Stone got invited to be one of the guests for the show. And she’s also joined the “Lip Sync Battle” with rival Jimmy Fallon. I have to say, after watching Emma Stone’s performance, not just me, but Jimmy Fallon can’t even comment to it at the moment because even though it is a lip sync, Emma Stone is really make it looks like she’s the real singer. Especially, in her second song, cute Emma tried to challenge Jimmy in a humorous way, she picked DJ Kjaled “All I Do Is Win” for her battle choice. Look at her using bold and comedic body language through out the song, Jimmy Fallon said that this is the best performance of “Lip Sync Battle” that he’s ever seen!

Which Couple Caught Your Eyes The Most In 2014 Met Gala?

The annual Met Gala is coming! This is not only a simple charity event, but also a battle field of the dresses on the female celebrities as well. But, it seems that there is a little different this year which most of female celebrities are choosing to bring a date with them to show off on the red carpet this time. Some of them are already a married couple. Some of them are in a serious relationship. No matter what kind relationship that they have, those female celebrities are not just challenging each other’s dresses, but also competing with who they bring with this year.

▼ Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger

▼ Sean Penn & Charlize Theron

Yes, yes, yes. They are in a relationship right now.

▼ David & Victoria Beckham

▼ Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

▼ Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield

These cute couple have been spreading their love from the movies to the reality. So adorable!

▼ Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

▼ Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady

This is the 5th time that Gisele and her husband Tom showed up together to the Met Gala.

▼ Johnny Depp & Fiancee Amber Heard

▼ Darren Le Gallo & Amy Adams

▼ Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy

▼ Jay Z & Beyoncé Knowles

I have to say that these couple had won “the most eye-catching contest” in Met Gala this year. Let me tell you why. Jay Z and Beyoncé are not just hand in hand or grabbing each other’s waist, but giving the press a “proposing show”. What? Haven’t they got married already? In fact is that Beyoncé accidentally dropped her ring on the red carpet, and Jay Z noticed that and put it back on her hand in a humorous way. As you can see that from world tours to the newest album “Yoncé”, Beyoncé and Jay Z have been showing off their love all over the place just for you don’t realize how much they are so into each other. So romantic and cute!


Music Video “Hello Kitty” Puts Avril Lavigne Into Troubles?

Believe it or not, not only Asian love the pop culture from Japan, but also American celebrities as well. Hello Kitty, one of the most popular pop images of Japan, has been giving a lot of pop idols inspiration such as Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and even the punk rock idol – Avril Lavigne.


Rebel image, colorful dyed hair, smokey eye makeup, punk attitude with pink tutu, that’s Avril Lavigne right there! However, she would never thought of that this music video “Hello Kitty” which combines colorful images with rock style music will put her into critic troubles.



People on the Internet comment on the video as “Racism” and “Mocking Japanese culture” based on this video has so many specific Japanese images, robot dance scenario, and Asian looking dancers. Avril gave public a quick response on her twitter claimed that she loves Japan and she has such a great time filming “Hello Kitty” the video in Japan. She said: “Racism?! Haha, I love Japanese culture a lot. And I’ve even stay in Japan for a long time for filming the video.”





In my opinion, I don’t see any “racism” or “mocking Japanese culture” going on in this music video. I just saw Avril Lavigne seemed having fun singing and dancing around in Japan. What do you think?

Adam Levine Dyes His Hair Platinum Blonde On His Newest Self-Snapshot

You may not recognize who he is for the first glance. This 35 year-old pop rock signer from Maroon 5 just dyed his hair into blond recently. In the self snapshot is Adam Levine and his fiancee Behati Prinsloo who is also one of the angel supper models of Victoria Secret.

This is the first time that Adam extremely change his hair style. Do you like it?